Thursday, December 20, 2012

For the Christmas Season

Once Upon A Christmas Moon

~ Once Upon A Christmas Moon ~
                                                             by: B. Marie Jarreau
Once upon a Christmas Moon
The world was filled with joy
For the blessings all knew
Would be flowing soon.

And from afar and many a-mile
With gifts of goods
And heart of gold
Came a gentle-man
With twinkling, jolly smile.

Upon a flying steed this traveler be
Above the rooftops,
Over river, low and highland,
And above snow shrouded tree.

Bringing for all a gift or a giggle
From deep with-in his bag
A new blue bandanna or a shiny kazoo
Or a doll for ‘Sis made of rag.

A Christmas tree, a brown fuzzy bear,
A pocket knife for a boy
A golden pup with stubby tail
Or a book for 'Aunt Bess' to enjoy.

Snug on their pillows the children did wait
But soon fell asleep in the night,
For no gifts are given
Till the early magical hour
Of Christmas morning light.

Once Upon A Christmas Moon
As quiet as a church-pew mouse
A gentleman, kind,
On a carousel horse
Brought hope and happiness
To every heart and house
. . .

* All photos and written works copyrighted by Marie Jarreau unless otherwise noted.

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