Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pottery Pieces Present a Peaceful Pose

The quaint and amusing drollery 
of these whimsical handmade pottery pieces
simply makes me happy!

Each piece is the result of my initial efforts
at hand-shaping clay into recognizable utensils.

  A curious little water vessel,
a cinnamon hued sugar dish with
droopy ear-handles and
an odd little green vase created just to hold and
harbor a single springtime rosebud,
are among the items I’ve completed, so far.

Pottery and the shaping of clay into fanciful pieces has
long held my interest - but only recently did I find
the right environment and time to try my hand
at clay and using clay to simply play!

Artistic view of this pottery grouping created through the use of natural light and manual photography.

* All photos and written works copyrighted by Marie Jarreau unless otherwise noted.