Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blessings In The Garden
                                      by: B Marie Jarreau

*Sun’s Kiss*
A sunbeam came streaming
Lilac Ladies by BMJ
   Through the clouds.
        She dances
        Touching petunias and
             Kissing pretty roses,

         Coaching stems to reach and rise  
    And blossom toward the skies -
                All this to the pleasure
                              Of a gardener’s
                                                         © BMJ

* Gribble – Grubble*
      Gribbly, grubbly
                    Grainy sand.
                    A loam of earthy,
                                deep, dark soil.
                                  It’s nature’s
                                                         nesting hand
                                                             Let's grow something!
                                                                                                                        © BMJ

*Sunday Morning Garden Shower*
            It’s water falling
                From the sky,
          Reaching for the rivers
                 Run down,
           Drip, drop, droplets:
                               © BMJ

*Leaflets from Above*
Lumps of lemon yellow,
Bushels of bronze and browns,
Tans and reds and orange, too
And a leafy handful of gold.
Leaflets leave
their now bare trees
And once again
the Autumn story’s told.
                                               © BMJ

*Last of the Fallen Leaves*
Four leaf,
Three leaf,
Two leaf,
Last one down
Gets to bask on top in the
Soft, gold
             Autumn sun.
                            © BMJ

* All photos and written works copyrighted by Marie Jarreau unless otherwise noted.

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